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Dental Implants are the titanium post or zirconium oxide that is surgically connected and positioned to the jaw beneath the bone. It is used for the dental restoration of the teeth for a crown, bridge, or denture. It is similar to the actual teeth and the fixture gives more like a real tooth.

In the dentistry field, the dental implant procedure that replaces the tooth with the artificial metal screw posts has been a great alternative to fill up the missing tooth. Similar to a real tooth, it enhances stability, gives the natural appearance, and brings confidence for individuals who have undergone dental implants treatment.

The dental implants procedure is slightly invasive and requires expert dental surgeons to perform dental implant surgery. It involves several sessions with different methods.

Dental Implants Muscat at the top dental center is usually performed as an outpatient treatment in multiple stages. Dental Implants Procedure

In today’s field of dentistry, dental implants are one of the finest innovations to replace the missing teeth and enhance the restoration of the stability and functionality the same as natural teeth. A dental surgeon who is specialized in oral and maxillofacial as well as periodontics involve in dental implants. During the implantation procedure of the teeth, structural support to the teeth should be considered as it supports both gums and bones.

Dentists determine the procedure of implantation after a comprehensive dental examination. Highly trained dentists who have experienced in dental implant placement uses a titanium metal screw and crown. The dental surgeon makes a small hole to drill into the bone where there is no tooth to place the implant. During this process of drilling the hole into the bone, a highly trained dental surgeon with the expertise skills performs this hole to the post as implantation is done deep into the tooth root.

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Since the process of dental implants required adequate structure of the bone in the jaw to support the implant and healthy gum tissue, the process of fusing the implant into the jawbone will be easy to get expected results.

For candidates whose jawbone cannot withstand the dental implantation requires to undergo bin grafting. The grafting of the bone not only holds dental implantation but also enhances the ability of the chewing process. Usually, the procedure is carried out by an oral surgeon, as the bone grafting is slightly easy, a dentist with a good number of oral surgeries practice can also perform the oral surgery.

Ideal candidates for dental implants

  • Those who have missing teeth

  • Those who have healthy gums

  • Those who have an adequate structure of the bone, else bone grafting need to have

  • Those who don’t want to wear dentures

  • Dental implants are recommended to prevent further bone loss

  • Dental implants prevent gum disease

  • Dental implants restore the structure of mouth and jaw

A detailed evaluation is conducted to determine the treatment options before the start of the procedure.

Consult for Dental Implants Muscat at Community Dental Clinic. Dentist at the Community Dental Center has a history of successful dental implantation rates. Get an appointment from highly experienced and qualified dentists today!

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