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Dental braces are a part of the treatment procedures to aligned and correct the entire set of teeth. People having teeth issues such as crowding, crooked teeth or uneven teeth or gaps in between the teeth can undergo the treatment of dental braces. Wearing dental braces is temporary until your dentist sees the expected results. You may have to visit frequently to get a checkup with a highly qualified dental specialist.

Reasons why you might require Dental Braces

Dental braces overall give the best corrective treatment solution in case if you have the following problems:

  • Crowded Teeth

  • Crooked Teeth

  • Misaligned Teeth

  • Too much gap/space between the teeth

  • Too much of the upper front of the teeth than the lower teeth (overbite)

  • Too much of lower front of the teeth than upper teeth (crossbite)

  • The upper front of the teeth fails to overlap with the lower teeth (open bite)

Dental Braces with Metal

Dental Metal Braces are made up of metal, and undoubtedly it’s the best treatment solution that is prescribed by your orthodontist specialists that address your specific requirements that give the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Highly qualified and experienced orthodontist recommend only the top qualify of metal braces that consists of flexible wires or archwires that aims to hold teeth in their position that engages to hold brackets together. Although there will be mild discomfort due to pressure, it helps in straightening and aligning the good posture for your teeth.

Perfect Age for Dental Metal Braces

Although the early intervention of the treatment at the childhood age is an ideal time to get dental braces, even adults who want to have a healthy alignment of the teeth can get the braces. The main reason for the orthodontic treatment for dental braces carried out for kids is due to their continuing growth of the mouth when they advanced to their age. Moreover, the bones and jaws are flexible. However, there is no absolute age for the orthodontist treatment for dental braces as our specialists have a vast practice in treating both kids and adults.

You can get the best Dental Metal Braces Muscat at Community Dental Clinic for yourself or your kid as you will find the best orthodontist treatment procedures by our expert dental doctors. You can schedule an appointment with the dentist who will assess your teeth condition and guide you with a certain imaging test such as X-ray and other tests.

Tooth extraction is not required for the dental metal braces treatment but, if there isn’t any space in the jaw for all the existing teeth, then your orthodontist will recommend you for the tooth extraction to get enough space to move the teeth for the alignment.

Once the complete evaluation is based on the X-ray report and other tests are completed, treatment plan, duration, and cost will be provided to you so that you can get prepared for the treatment. You will be asked to visit the clinic for the treatment, and the treatment cycle for the dental metal braces will begin.

Community Dental Clinic for Dental Metal Braces

At Community Dental Clinic, you will find highly specialized dental equipment with 100% sterilization that fulfills the needs of patients. Our dental metal braces specialists have extreme practice and possess tremendous knowledge in fixing the best quality of metal braces to enhance successful results.

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